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Faith Promise Missions Program
 Each year in October we have a Faith Promise Missions Conference to encourage our members to financially support the work of world-wide missions.  Praying is also a major part of our mission work.  You can help by praying for the missionaries listed below.


James/Carletta Downs - Ethiopia

Stephen/Julie Knickerbocker - Burkina Faso

Jeff/Cindy Porter - South Africa

Phil/Melody Stephens - Zambia

Mike/Cindy Haley - Botswana

Nathan/Karie Owens - South Africa


Mike/Francis Frederick - Thailand

Nathan/Becky Kowach - Korea

Travis/Angela Lewis - Philippines


Peter/Zorka Abrman - Slovakia

Andrew Bunell - Eurasia

James/Virginie Carney - France

Brian/Lisa Johnson - Lithuania

James/Amber Pranger - Serbia

Jim/Kim Van Voltenberg - Scotland

Danny/Rachel Foss - Serbia

Edward/Nicole Taylor - Germany


Chuck/Susan Callahan - Japan

Larry/Kyong Ferguson - Korea

Tyler/Cathy Ryberg - Worldwide


Archie/Priscilla Davis - Evangelism

Paul/Micki Henry - Prisons

Joe Moody - Recorded Scriptures

Wayne/Nancy Murphy - Church Builders

Dennis/Stella Terry - Prisons

Greg/Linda Waller - Medical Church Planting

Chuck/Jo Harding - Evangelism
Tom/Krinny Gaudet - World Missions
Christian Law Association - Legal
National Center for Life and Liberties

North America

Brad Barkowski - Trinidad
Luis/Susana Garcia - Mexico
Reiner/Susan Harper - Canada
James Hoffmeister - Trinidad
Matt/Annetta Johnson - Mexico
David/Beth Lott - Guatemala
Jose/Mildred Rodriguez - Mexico
Billie Sloan - Mexico
Philip/Elizabeth Sloan - Mexico
Tom/Mona Sloan - Mexico
David/Darla West - Mexico

Rijn/Celeste Abrell - Australia
John/Selina Allen - Papua New Guinea
Matt/Becky Allen - Papua New Guinea
Kevin/Shiloh Beier - Australia
Wayne/Lori Langford - Australia

Schools and Camps
Heartland Bible College
Lake Texoma Baptist Camp

South America
Steve/Robin Campbell - Brazil
A.J./Pat Easter - Chile
Paul/Celeste Rose - Peru
Patrick Henry - Argentina
Simeon/Susie Hudson - Argentina
Carl/Cindy Johnson - Brazil
Jonathan/Rocio Lott - Peru Charles/Isabel Nichols - Brazil

United States
Don/Regina Chitty - Navajo Indians
Don/Renee Chitty, Jr. - Navajo Indians
Pat/Lisa McCoy - Alaska

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