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Our Vision
      We understand that the education of children is a responsibility God has placed on parents. NSBA endeavors to play a role of reinforcing and supporting the education goals that parents have for each child. Our academy is designed around the family.
     We provide early childhood education and instruction through High School plus the opportunity to begin early college level studies before graduation. All education materials will be Bible-based and taught by Baptist believers.
     NSBA is child centered, allowing God to work and move in the lives of our children facilitated by parents, teachers, and ministry to build a greater tomorrow, through a stronger and better prepared "Next Generation."

 Our Mission
       NorthSide Baptist Academy provides an individualized education environment that provides a safe and effective program of study to allow all students the opportunity to achieve their full Christian potential, both in spiritual and secular professions and careers.

 Our Values
          - God is the source of all wisdom
         - The Bible is the source of all knowledge
          - To educate is to draw out of darkness
          - To "train up" must occur on a solid foundation
          - Dedicated to Christ
          - Obligated to Others

  1800 W. Highway 190, Nolanville, TX 76559

1800 W. Hwy 190 Nolanville, TX 76559

nsbc-fh.org 254.690.6722